Identifying where Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) fall down and how an holistic solution with Smart-Tech integration could pick them back up.

Second only to pills, inhalers are the most commonly prescribed medication form in the world¹, with MDIs having the largest presence on the inhaler marketplace. However, they are far from being faultless. Is this a consequence of its simplistic, cost-efficient design, or because of a deeper routed issue that lies…

UX Design is not the same as UI Design… and it certainly isn’t app design.

UX and UI? The difference is a lot more than 1 letter.

Much like how the term ‘Product Designer’ is weaving its way into the digital design industry, to the disapproval of most (Physical) Product and Industrial Designers… UI is more readily being labeled as ‘UX’ Design… and that’s the one that really grates on me.

UI is not the same as…

Instead of dwelling on it, embrace it.

So, I’ll be the first to admit that perhaps my transition to remote usability testing was somewhat smoother than most, solely due to my limited experience of in-person usability testing beforehand. However, I can empathise with both the unfamiliarity that it brings and initial feelings of uncertainty that comes with…

A recent round of user research got me thinking about the advantages of interviews and prompted reflection being conducted remotely… but my latest remote sessions weren’t all plain sailing.

I’m still fresh to the world of user research and UX design, however, this hasn’t stopped me from needing to adjust to the wild, Covid-19 driven ways of 2020. Especially since beginning my MA in User Experience Design. Something that isn’t new to me is conducting user research. And thankfully…

Inspiration has a fundamental place within the design process, but how do we know when to stop?

As designers and creatives, it’s almost a given that we will regularly be faced with the formidable and daunting creative block; while it’s at this point we are advised to ‘take a break’ or ‘focus on something else for a bit’, our persistent nature, looming deadlines and fear of failure…

James Hoare

Product Designer with a Passion for User Experience

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